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Jason Piemeisl

Sitecore & GraphQL

Sitecore and GraphQL brand logos

Using GraphQL with Sitecore, developers can build powerful and efficient headless applications that can deliver personalized and relevant content to users. GraphQL is a query language for your API that was developed by Facebook. It provides a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional REST APIs, which often require multiple… Read More »Sitecore & GraphQL

Sitecore Headless CMS

  • Sitecore
Front end developer buried in the sand up to his neck

A quick primer on Sitecore’s Headless offering and what it is, why to use it, and how to use it. This isn’t a deep dive, but it will answer a few high level questions and prepare you for making a decision around whether or not you should implement a headless… Read More »Sitecore Headless CMS

Design Systems

  • Design
Screen of styleguide colors and components

Design systems are a single source of truth. As an organization matures and product development becomes more diverse it becomes difficult to maintain consistency.  The design system supports the product development teams by serving as a reference and creating consistency. How does a design system help? Imagine an organization that… Read More »Design Systems

Editing Matters

  • Sitecore
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

While recently working on a Sitecore site I came across a testimonial quote slider that could use a little TLC when viewing it in the Experience Editor. A quote slider in the Experience Editor can be tricky. Site visitors see one quote at a time. Displaying one quote in the… Read More »Editing Matters

Red Work Blue Work

Red Work vs Blue Work

David Marquet coined the concept of red work vs blue work. The idea is that you separate work into two categories: execution vs thinking. Thinking. Planning. Deciding. Blue work. Blue work is somewhat of a constant. It’s creative. It’s thinking. It could be in the back or front of your… Read More »Red Work Blue Work

Grit and Software Development

Spartan Race crawling under barb wire

Can having grit make you a better developer? Absolutely. Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance is book on the psychology of achievement. The basis is those who have grit wind up achieving more. Software engineers often find themselves enduring through struggles. Roadblocks a-plenty, missing requirements, difficult to comprehend… Read More »Grit and Software Development

2021 Favorite Podcasts

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Podcast Desk and Microphone

Lockdowns, bicycling, and working from home have me listening to podcasts more often. I’ve been consuming a ton of content. The productivity and ‘life hacks’ genre is my personal favorite and here are a handful of shows that I regularly tune into. The Tim Ferris Show Daily Stoic with Ryan… Read More »2021 Favorite Podcasts