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Screen of styleguide colors and components

Design Systems

Design systems are a single source of truth. As an organization matures and product development becomes more diverse it becomes difficult to maintain consistency.  The design system supports the product development teams by serving as… Read More »Design Systems

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Editing Matters

While recently working on a Sitecore site I came across a testimonial quote slider that could use a little TLC when viewing it in the Experience Editor. A quote slider in the Experience Editor can… Read More »Editing Matters

Red Work vs Blue Work

Red Work Blue Work

David Marquet coined the concept of red work vs blue work. The idea is that you separate work into two categories: execution vs thinking. Thinking. Planning. Deciding. Blue work. Blue work is somewhat of a… Read More »Red Work Blue Work

Podcast Desk and Microphone

2021 Favorite Podcasts

Lockdowns, bicycling, and working from home have me listening to podcasts more often. I’ve been consuming a ton of content. The productivity and ‘life hacks’ genre is my personal favorite and here are a handful… Read More »2021 Favorite Podcasts