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Grit and Software Development

Spartan Race crawling under barb wire

Can having grit make you a better developer? Absolutely.

Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance is book on the psychology of achievement. The basis is those who have grit wind up achieving more.

Software engineers often find themselves enduring through struggles. Roadblocks a-plenty, missing requirements, difficult to comprehend legacy code, features that seem nearly impossible to implement on the surface. These are issues that every developer will encounter. Grit is essential for problem solving in the engineering world.

Persistent learning is required to succeed. Dedication to deliberate practice is a mainstay of the engineering world.

5 characteristics of grit

Margaret M. Perlis’s article, “5 Characteristics of Grit—How Many Do You Have?” looks at these five characteristics of grit:

  1. Courage
  2. Conscientiousness: Achievement oriented versus dependable
  3. Long-term goals and endurance: Follow through
  4. Resilience: Optimism, confidence and creativity
  5. Excellence versus perfection

Grit in your toolset

Grit rewards software engineers with knowledge. It supports the desire to become better by providing the motivation which turns into expertise. Grit is handy. Grit grows your skills. Grit blossoms into talent.

Grit brings your software engineering skills to the next level. Understand that it takes dedicated time and effort to become a better developer. Learn the next language you’ve been putting off with the help of grit. Persevere and achieve your goals with grit.

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