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Sitecore & GraphQL

Using GraphQL with Sitecore, developers can build powerful and efficient headless applications that can deliver personalized and relevant content to users. GraphQL is a query language for your API that was developed by Facebook. It provides a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional REST APIs, which often require multiple… Read More »Sitecore & GraphQL

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Sitecore Headless CMS

  • Sitecore

A quick primer on Sitecore’s Headless offering and what it is, why to use it, and how to use it. This isn’t a deep dive, but it will answer a few high level questions and prepare you for making a decision around whether or not you should implement a headless… Read More »Sitecore Headless CMS

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Editing Matters

  • Sitecore

While recently working on a Sitecore site I came across a testimonial quote slider that could use a little TLC when viewing it in the Experience Editor. A quote slider in the Experience Editor can be tricky. Site visitors see one quote at a time. Displaying one quote in the… Read More »Editing Matters