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For Recruiters


Firstly, thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the fact that you’re considering me for an opportunity. As a very busy person, I have to be efficient with the time I have so I’ve created this page as a way to respond to your email or LinkedIn message.

Before considering a role or opportunity there are mandatory pieces of information I’ll need. Job title, salary range, and organization or company name are critical factors in whether or not I will respond to your request. If you have not supplied these in your message, then I ask that you please do so.

What I do in a nutshell: Front End Development.

That means I write code: HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

I work with a lot of different platforms and frameworks but ultimately my focus can be considered User Interface Engineering. It’s what I prefer to call myself, a UI Engineer. I do a lot of responsive development, making sure websites scale appropriately for mobile, tablet, and desktop. I execute on the designs I’m given, collaborate with creative and UX designers, and write the HTML/CSS/JavaScript code needed to implement designs in a web browser or application.

I do a lot of work with Content Management Systems. The platforms I work most in are Sitecore, Umbraco, and WordPress. I have done work in other CMS tools but I’m most familiar with the three mentioned. I have also worked extensively with Angular and have done a little work with React, mostly side projects and experiments. I enjoy emerging technology and I’m really good at ramping up quickly into projects regardless of the technology stack.

I prefer working remote. If the position you have available does not accommodate 100% remote development, it’s not likely I will consider it. Depending on the role type, for example if it’s a team lead role, I would still expect to have the flexibility of working remotely but I might consider being onsite for 1-2 days per week if necessary.

You can view my resume for past roles and work experience.

You can also view recent projects I’ve worked on.

If you’re still reading, awesome! I’ll mention now that if you submit the form on this page it’s near-guaranteed that I will respond to your message. I appreciate the effort, I know how hard recruiting is and I definitely do not want to waste anyone’s time. Even if your opportunity is not a good fit, I respect the hustle and will do my best to reply in a timely manner. Thank you!